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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

When your teenage daughter wants to shave her legs!!

So there comes a time when your little girl is in her last year of primary school. Her body is changing, her hormones are all over the place & she is preparing for high school It’s such a tough time .

I remember those days when your friends would turn up at school and show you their legs and you wanted to go home and do the same thing with that dreaded razor ..

DON’T let this happen to your teenage daughter.

Shaving promotes hair growth.The more you shave,the more your hair grows. It becomes thicker each time, plus it’s a pain. Who wants to shave every couple of days. You end up missing areas and if your’e not careful, you can have some nasty cuts and rashes. That’s not a good look !

Waxing actually thins and slows down the hair growth. Waxing your legs once every three to four weeks Is a much better option for clean smooth legs. No cuts no patches of missed hair no shaving rashes. Less time in the bathroom equals more time with your friends!

Make sure you talk to your daughter before she shaves 🤔

If you would like more information or to book your daughter in for an appointment feel free to send me a message

Thanks Kelly

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