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Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Have you been using the same skincare for years and years ? I have found that many of us don’t like change !!

REASONS WHY WE’RE SCARED OF CHANGING OUR SKINCARE !! 1 - I don’t want to have a breakout.

2 - I'm scared my skin will have a bad reaction, ending up in redness and rashes.

3 - I don’t like to waste my money on skincare that won’t work for my skin.

4 - I won’t know how to use the new skincare product.


When using the same skincare product for many years our skin gets used to it, and it doesn’t benefit us any more. As we age we need to look at skincare products that will suit our skin. Seasonal changes. In summer you would more than likely use a lighter face cream than winter. There are lots of reasons why we should change our skincare.

It’s the same as having a gym work out and you’re trying to improve on something, you need to change you’re routine up to get the results your looking for.

If you’re ready for a change, call your Beauty therapist and speak to her about your skin and your concerns. Don’t be scared, there is always a sample to try before out laying your money, and so many skincare ranges on the market which are Natural & Organic that I highly recommend.If you have a good therapist they should be happy to show you how to use your new products.

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